Raspberry Ripple Smoothie Bowl

• 1 large banana, frozen and chopped
• 50g raspberries, pref frozen
• 1/4 precooked beetroot (I use to vacuum packed sort, just be careful not to get the pickled ones!)
• tbsp of oats
• 250ml of milk (I used cashew milk)

Start by adding the banana, milk and oats to a blender and whizz together until smooth. Pour out half the mix into a bowl and then add the raspberries and beetroot to the rest of the mix and blend again until smooth. Pour over the banana smoothie and swirl together until rippled! Top with fruit and seeds.

download (1).png

Apple & Blackcurrant Smoothie Bowl

A sweet pink smoothie bowl loaded with apple, blackcurrants and oats - perfect for anytime of the day.

• 1 frozen banana
• 50g of blackcurrants
• 1 apple, peeled and chopped
• 2 tbsp of oats
• 200ml of milk (I used oat milk)

Simply blend together until thick and creamy. I like to freeze the apple and blackcurrants as it makes the smoothie extra ice cold and thick. Top with your fave fruit and granola