Hala El-Shafie
Health Editor and Director

Hala is a consultant nutritionist with over 15 year’s clinical experience as a registered Dietitian in both the NHS private and corporate sectors. She completed her training at University College Hospital London.

She has a unique understanding of the emotional and psychological issues often associated with food, and has created a successful holistic client-centered approach that has brought her an extensive and loyal following, including a number of high-profile and celebrity clients.

Hala’s take on food and nutrition is both edgy and refreshing, and has seen her launch lifestyle website Nutrition Rocks, www.nutrition-rocks.co.uk which showcases expert information and advice concerning food and nutrition.

Her passion is to enthuse people to eat better for health whilst supporting a positive body image and helping then become free from the emotional attachment of food.

Hala is also in high demand both as a health writer and consultant, she has written regular nutrition columns for an international medical journal and is regularly asked to contribute to some of the UK’s leading lifestyle publications such as Grazia, Red, YOU Magazine, The Times and The Daily Mail.

Hala’s dynamic approach has led to media recognition and she has previously worked as resident Nutritionist on ITV1′s Flag ship show This Morning.

The year sees Hala team up with Xand van Tulleken to front a new Channel 4 series called Crash Test Dieters, which aims to help dieters hit their target weight for a special event.

Hala is a member of the British Dietetic Association.

Janine Jauvel
Style Editor.

Whether we are public figures or not, managing our appearance is an integral part of who we fundamentally are. Our looks make a visual statement about our lifestyles and personalities, and can even indicate our abilities and confidence levels. In present day society, image really does matter.

London based lifestyle stylist and creative consultant, Janine Jauvel, is a recognised leader in both personal, commercial and celebrity image consulting, with a client base ranging from Mariah Carey to Hala El-Shafie. Janine Jauvel is constantly dictating and creating the image and style needs of today’s women and men. Clothes are wonderful tools that can be manipulated to present yourself to advantage. Regardless of your size and proportions, by recognising your physical assets and limitations, you can explore the ways in which clothing can be used to draw attention – to conceal, to camouflage and to create optical illusions.

Whatever your budget, fashion choices are endless due to the pioneering high street market. However, on the other hand, limitless choice can be just as confusing, so overall the key to choosing your wardrobe is to distinguish what suits your body shape and lifestyle demands. “The right selection of clothes, accessories and footwear will not only make you look great on a physical level but can also help you to feel good about yourself on a mental level – consequently improving your confidence! Wearing flattering styles and colours can lift your spirits, improve your outlook and will put a smile on your face. Together with the other guys at Nutrition Rocks we will provide a service for you that will improve your mind, body and spirit.”