Happy New Year ! 31 Days to Rock You


31 Days to Rock You!

As we kick off 2018 we’ve pulled together 31 positive ways to Rock January and the new year, health tips and life tricks to help inspire you

Day 1. 

An apple a day not only keeps the doctor away but did you know it can help your skin glow too as well as lower cholesterol? Rich in vitamin C, which is a crucial ingredient for your complexion and hair it speeds up skin’s cell production, which makes you look radiant, and strengthens hair and nails. Apples are also rich in B vitamins, like B5 and B9 which have been proven to combat acne and irritation.

Day 2.

Take a leaf out of our book and use coconut oil on your skin and hair. You’ll be amazed at the results!


Day 3.

“Do something today that your future self will thank you for”

Day 4.

If you have an inevitable winter cold, take a holistic approach in curing your blues by sipping a piping hot mug of honey, ginger and lemon. Instant relief!

Day 5.

Top up on these hydrating fruits and vegetables … Packed with antioxidants and vitamin C they’ll keep you hydrated whilst adding to your beauty regime;  Cucumber, Watermelon, Pineapple, Lettuce, Tomatoes, Blueberries, Pear, Melon, Celery and Grapefruit.

Day 6.

Try rubbing a pea sized amount of Vitamin E oil around your eyes, particularly your eyelashes for extra length and shine.

Day 7.

Is your skin feeling a little dry this winter? A little bee told me to try Nutrition Rocks founder Hala El-Shafie’s beauty secret and apply honey as a moisturiser!

Day 8.

If one of your New Year’s resolutions is to begin a new exercise class, ask a friend to join you. This way you can keep each other motivated and see exercise as a social event rather than a chore. It should be fun after all!

Day 9.

Take advantage of the wonderful world wide web by learning a new language this year; be it Italian, French or Spanish, the internet is full of interactive websites to help beginners and it’s usually free! What’s stopping you? Also,  it gives you an excuse to visit a foreign country this summer… all for educational purposes of course!

Day 10.

Words to go by…

Day 11.


Kick start every day with a glass of warm water and lemon. It sounds simple but it’s enough to kick start your metabolism and truly wake you up from the inside!

Day 12.

It may be winter but it’s essential to stay hydrated – so step up on the hot drinks, keep warm, stay hydrated and keep your metabolism fired up   – try aherbal or fruit tea and feel the benefits of waking up naturally.

Day 13.

Spice up your exercise regime. Go ice skating, rollerblading, hula hooping… Try mixing up your usual routine to keep it fun and exciting!

Day 14.

Start incorporating a body brush in your daily shower routine to help combat cellulite and increase your circulation. Pick up a body brush from a local health or beauty shop today!

Day 15. 

Keep a diary. You don’t necessarily need to write pages and pages every day, just simply jot down the key events, highlights and lessons learnt each week. This will help you track your career progression and keep you motivated, plus gives you an excuse to buy something pretty. Not that we need an excuse, do we?!

Day 16.

Keep Hydrated! Drinking water is crucial to make you feel your best. Water is the key to all bodily functions and although it is a given, it is easy to forget to drink enough water. The list really is endless; it transports nutrients and oxygen into our cells, boosts our metabolism, detoxifies and protects our organs and regulates our body temperature. Last but not least it keeps our skin clear, by flushing out all of the bad toxins we are susceptible to. It’s a simple way to make sure we keep our skin looking its best.

Day 17.

Get Running! Aside from the endorphins released from doing physical exercise running has a number of health benefits, and it’s not just about burning body fat! Running can aid overall mental health, helps strengthen lungs and bronchi (lessen effects of asthma), helps prevent high blood pressure, improves your immune system and builds overall physical strength. It also aids personal health, heightens self esteem, fights insomnia and combats depression. When you have a spare 20 minutes, why not give it a go?

Day 18.

Ditch the scales! You’re more than just a number. Jumping on and off the scales is neither helpful or productive for most people – the scale can often rule how we feel about ourselves for the rest of the day and lead us to negative self speak and poor body image when in actual fact it doesn’t always give us a true for overall health. Focus on being more active, getting fitter, eating better and rocking the skin you’re in from the inside out! If you are one to weigh yourself we recommend once a week max!

Day 19.

Imagine a world where the influence of the media that shapes ones perception of the ‘ideal’ body didn’t exist. Focusing on nurturing oneself and ditching the negative dialogue is key to supporting a positive body image whilst working a healthy relationship with our bodies and the food that we nourish ourselves with.

Day 20.

Remember to eat regular meals – this helps to keep metabolism moving!

Day 21.

Make a smoothie! Why not start making smoothies with fresh fruit veg? It’s a quick and easy way to make sure you have your daily intake! Check out our instagram page for tips and inspiration nutrition_rocks http://instagram.com/nutrition_rocks/?modal=true

Day 22.

Always remember the golden rule; the rainbow plate! It’s vital to add fresh fruit and veg to your diet. The best thing to do is load up on colourful fruit and veg from your local market then it’s time to get adventurous with the recipes!

Day 23.

Spice up your life! Turmeric; prevents cancer, an anti-inflammatory, liver detox, helps Alzheimers and obesity. With a mild and pleasant taste. It’s a vibrant and beautiful spice, amazing for cooking and good health.

Day 24.

Cook with Garlic! Garlic boosts your immune system, helps blood pressure management, reduces cholesterol, is a natural antibiotic, improves blood circulation and reduces fat in the liver. With all of these benefits and more garlic is an amazing cooking aid, preventing taste and an endless list of health benefits.

Day 25.

Health Benefits of Aloe Vera – Detoxifies the body, hydrates the skin, lowers high cholesterol, supports immune system stabilises blood sugar levels and reduces high bloody pressure. This is just the start of the long list of health benefits of the Aloe Vera Plant.

Day 26.

We LOVE Barrecore…. the intelligent womans exercise which integrates the fat burning format of interval training with static stretches after each muscle is work! Check out their different schedules and classes and find one that could work for you.


Day 27.

Relax – have your own time. It’s important to make sure you have some ‘me’ time. Ensure you give yourself a couple of hours a day, whether it’s a nice long bath or shutting yourself away with a good book take the time to relax.

Day 28.

Wind down with one of our exclusive Yoga Retreats  – We've created a way to make it easier for you to enjoy the benefits of Yoga mindfulness, sunshine & fun.  Check out what we have on offer this year  perhaps make it your New Years Resolution! 

Day 29.

Positive self speak is our No.1 resolution for 2017! Get rid of any negative dialogue and focus on what is beautiful in you and in your life!

Day 30. 

Easy tip, take the stairs wherever possible. Leave the lift, your legs are your gift!

Day 31.

The Importance of getting enough sleep. Getting plenty of sleep and good food is vital to maintain the energy needed to stay productive.

Written and Images sourced by Claudia Rose Shaw and Daisy Wyer.