Healthy and Vegan


Going vegan, if only for our #30DayVeganChallenge has a whole host of health benefits. NR takes a closer look:

Reduced risk of disease

Nutritionist Dr Terri Holloway tells us that “vegans have a reduced risk of several diseases including heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes, several types of cancer and, on average, have lower rates of obesity than any other dietary group.”

More fruits and vegetables

It’s often easier for those on a plant-based diet to reach the recommended numbers of fruit and vegetables every day, and the health benefits of this are undeniable. A recent UK Health Survey found that people who eat seven or more portions of fruit and veg daily have a 33% reduced risk of premature death compared with people who eat less than one portion.

Improved athletic results

Vegans from all athletic fields, including ultramarathon runners, rock climbers and weightlifters, show us all that you don’t need meat and dairy to be strong, fit, fast and agile.

Many of these athletes boast reduced recovery times, greater endurance and improved performance after going vegan. Dr Holloway says: “For optimal athletic performance, high-carbohydrate, low-fat, moderate protein diets are recommended. An excess of animal protein – associated with various chronic diseases – should be avoided.”


Researchers have conducted many long-term studies to discover the effect of diet on a person’s lifespan. The results conclusively show that vegans live longer than non-vegans, with some studies reporting an average of 3-6 additional years, and others an extra 10. That’s almost enough time to walk the circumference of the earth!

Increased energy

Who would say no to a little more energy? Many people experience tiredness at points in the day, particularly after meals. This isn’t surprising, as meat and dairy are very energy-intensive to digest. Plant food is much gentler on the digestive system, meaning that less energy is wasted. Many vegans also report improved quality of sleep, which results in feeling perkier in the mornings.