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Katy picking tea leaves at plantation in China, after a business trip there with her family

Katy picking tea leaves at plantation in China, after a business trip there with her family

Rose Tea

Rose Tea

For the LOVE of Tea ... KT

If you love tea as much as we love tea you'll understand why our new girl crush is on the super talented and inspirational 17 year old entrepreneur who has taken her love of tea and dream to make it accessible to a whole new level... Launching K-T Tea! 

We got to meet the brain behind the beautiful idea and discovered health, fitness and nutrition was a shared passion and is the reason K-T came about, launched in January 2016.  

The tea, which you get inside the [regular] tea bags, isn’t necessarily pure and is all the remains from the full tealeaves. It is very likely that the tea is not the spring harvest, which is the best quality Tea
— Katy Spalter

K-T London was born from a trip to Hong Kong, where the variety of loose-leaf tea is vast....


“I have always had a passion for health, fitness and nutrition and have always been very particular about what I eat and drink and so due to me researching this topic a lot I found out about Loose Leaf teas and how healthy they are!” 

“Loose Leaf teas are so healthy but to prepare them is extremely time consuming, which I don’t have time to do in the mornings. I realised other people would have the same problem”


So after another trip, but this time to China and tea plantations, and with lots of hard work, Katy decided to find a way to make it more convenient to drink loose-leaf tea – the K-T tea filter bottle was created.


“We booked a trip to China where I could source a bottle as well as visit a plantation to pick my own tea and gain a clear understanding of the tea varieties and market. After lots of hard work, I then had to name the business; I thought what better than to play on my name as well as what the business was about, and so K-T London was launched - selling loose leaf tea and tea filter bottles.”

    How does K-T recommend using the Loose-leaf teas?

    I put half a teaspoon of Loose Leaf tea into my Tea filter bottle along with 80-degree water.

    Recipes, which incorporate tea into them?

    • Date, Walnut and Jasmine Tea Flapjacks
    • Spinach and Green Tea Soup
    • Rose Tea and Almond Ice cream

    Along with an array of gorgeous loose leaf teas, K-T London sells tea filter bottles for a quick, convenient way to drink loose leaf teas. Once you have tried drinking tea this way, you won’t look back. 

    Exploring the exotic flavours of Loose-leaf tea is wonderful and the health benefits are endless (further information here); Drinking Loose-Leaf tea is a lot fresher and contains a lot more antioxidants. K-T teas are gorgeous and inexpensive, Katy guarantees that once you’ve tried Loose Leaf tea, you won’t be drinking from a tea bag again!


      We couldn’t help but ask Katy why Nutrition Rocks… 
      “I love all the recipes and health advice! All the vibrant pictures make me want to cook all the recipes and try all the foods!”


      By Hannah Norris