Nutrition Rocks Gambia Retreat


Hibiscus House, Gambia

Nutrition Rocks are excited to announce another perfect location for their retreat from the 4th – 11th November 2013

To book email us at using the code ”NutritionRocks1Retreat’

Expert Nutritionist and Registered Dietitian Hala El‐Shafie and her team of style experts have created a unique, very specific, insightful and rewarding retreat.

This week-long programme will empower you to focus and develop the values needed for ‘Loving the skin you’re in’ – nourishing both mind, body and spirit through workshop sessions, one-to-one sessions and some amazing and thought-provoking trips into the local countryside and community. As well as enjoying some colourful, cultural experiences and physical and emotional stimulation, you will embark on a journey of self‐discovery and renewed confidence, supported by our team of experts and inspired by your wonderful surroundings.

Hibiscus House is a small, private and personal family-run boutique venue, set in the heart of an African Village. The unique location within the local community makes it possible to experience the real Gambia as well as explore the coast, river and bolons. Hibiscus House is set within beautiful relaxing tropical gardens, close to the stunning coastline, nature reserves, traditional fishing villages and markets that typify the genuine African experience. At Hibiscus House you will be surrounded by an abundance of nature, with a huge diversity of bird-life and monkey species on your doorstep, as well as a vibrant, welcoming and ever-smiling community of charming people, unfettered by so many of the flimsy concerns that all too often weigh us down.

Your body will be nourished with an abundance of fresh foods locally sourced and we will even show you how to harvest and create some of these amazing dishes!

Seven days of inspirational and motivational coaching all geared to embracing, loving and nurturing your body, and understanding all the influences that go into making you the best that you can be, bubbling with confidence and able to love & rock the skin you’re in!

A Taster of the Nutrition Rocks Gambia Retreat Itinerary

Early-am – Breakfast; Pilates or other poolside exercise

Mid-am – Individual 1-1 with Hala, or excursions such as ‘Local Flavour of Gambia’

Lunch - Gorgeous nutritious meals freshly prepared on site, or lunch at an excursion

Afternoon - Excursion such as amazing and thought-provoking trips into the local countryside and community, or sessions such as ‘letting go of the past’, ‘changing negative beliefs’ and self-empowerment tools, or leisure/beach/spa time.

Evening - Session such as ‘Gratitude and Affirmations for loving you’; Special dinner & sundown drinks, African dancing

The hibiscus flower is native to Australia and has long been used as a medicinal herb to manage a variety of conditions ranging from high cholesterol to fever. Its’ use is currently being studied in relation to its possible ability to lower blood pressure. 

The 7 day retreat is priced at £2575. This is inclusive of flights, transfers, workshops, one-to-ones, excursions, one holistic treatment per person and all meals freshly prepared. The deposit for the retreat is £625.