Finding #Veganuary difficult? Don't agree with or want to not eat meat? But still want an option slightly healthier and better for the environment? 

#Flexitarian is the way forward for YOU!

Personally, I follow a flexi diet; we don't like to promote strict rules or set ideas around eating. We believe veganuary is a good movement to encourage more thought about how much meat we consume and it's affect on the environment and the means for getting the mass meat we demand, resulting in cruelty and welfare issues. Not to mention the health issues that arise from the over-consumption of animal products and the under-consumption of plant based products. 

Essentially, if you're struggling to be vegan or even vegetarian why not opt for Flexitarian - to still make a difference but not fully commit to becoming vegan.

Here's how

  • Opt to eat as many 'plant based' meals as possible
  • Take one step at a time. Commit to one meat-free day a week at first. When you eat meat, think better meat and think smaller portions.
  • Change the way you shop: go local, go seasonal, go sustainable.
  • Buy more vegetables and less meat and fish.
  • Value your food:  inquire where it comes from, how it is produced and make sure you don not waste it.
  • Choose organic or free range meat.
  • Try some #meatfreemonday or #fishfriday
  • Add in plant based proteins like hemp or soya 
  • Choose sustainable fish (looking at local species, seasonality and fishing methods)
  • Veggie cooking and restaruants are now packed full of interesting recipes and options - so it doesn't have to be dry, boring and unfilling!


Better for the environment - from reducing CO2 emissions and reducing the need for space to grow animal feed crops

Health – red meat in particular is linked to various health related issues, including heart disease, stomach cancer and increased weight. Plus the salt and chemicals needed to process meats aren't always too good for us... More importantly though, the movement to flexi eating, means more fruit, grains and vegetables which is what we all need!!!!

Animal Welfare – By eating less meat, we can spend a little more and buy organic or free range meat (ideally from a local butcher) to help raise the standards of animal welfare.




Hannah NorrisComment