Nutrition Rocks aims to offer people easy and practical advice on living a healthier lifestyle, whilst providing accurate tips on nutrition and well being. Together with celebrity interviews, Nutrition Rocks will feature real life stories to encourage and inspire alongside no nonsense information around food, nutrition, beauty, fashion and fitness.

"The number of fad diets and omissions of whole food groups is now reaching epidemic proportions to remove whole food groups without fully understanding how the body works or considering your bodies needs and what you need to put back into your body is simply the quickest way to acquire nutrition deficiencies which lead to ill health. Nutrition and eating well means to ensure a variety and balance of nutrients for your bodies needs - your relationship with food and how we eat is equally as important as WHY we eat. Remember a healthy BMI is not necessarily an indicator of health. Malnutrition can affect anyone including the overweight and obese. Nourishing your body is what's key and having a healthy relationship with YOU." - Hala El-Shafie, Psychology of Eating Expert and Registered Dietitian

Hala and the Nutrition Rocks team are all about encouraging women to eat better for health whilst rocking a positive body image.

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